Upgrades and Modernization

Stay ahead of your competition by modernizing and upgrading your plant. GMB provides complete steel mill upgrades and modernization with highest quality and competitive pricing.

Find 6 reasons why steel and Ironmaking plants should always be modernized and upgraded:

steel mill upgrades and modernization services
  • To increase productivity
  • To increase plant availability
  • To reduce the cost of maintenance
  • To expand production capacity
  • To reduce unplanned downtimes
  • To keep the plant running smoothly at all times.

GMB Heavy Industries’ is your reliable partner that works closely with you to keep your plant state-of-the-art. In the past four decades, we have upgraded and modernized dozens of steel mills and iron making plants all around the world. We are working closely with North American plants to provide different services such as surveys/inspections and steel mill upgrades and modernization.

Nowadays, it is not easy to compete with other companies in the steel industries. Your competitors around the corner are upgrading and modernizing their steel mills and plants, so they can decrease the maintenance cost in the long run and increase the quality of their product. In some cases, a modernized plant could improve the productivity rate by 50%. We will help you increase your productivity and product quality by automating, modernizing and upgrading your Steel and Iron making plant.

Either you want to add value components, We will be with you throughout the project. Right from research and development, through design, manufacturing, engineering services, through to completion. After installation GMB can provide ongoing maintenance plus any other services you may need to maximize your productivity and quality.

The GMB engineering team will work with your technicians to design, manufacture and install unique custom equipment. This steel mill equipment will upgrade and modernize your plant, speed up the rolling process, while minimizing costs. We always work from our core values by keeping our customers satisfied while providing them the highest quality products and services. GMB Heavy Industries is always on your side until the last day, to make sure you are completely satisfied with the outcome of your project.

Are you ready to upgrade your plant? We are here to help…

Equipment Surveys & Inspections

Steel mills require regular surveys and inspections of their equipment in order to keep them operating at peak performance, to produce the highest quality products. Inspections allow steel mills and iron making industries to minimize downtime of their facility, by inspecting the equipment before problems occur.

We offer a wide range of on-site surveying services Our engineers can work under tough conditions in narrow spaces with the most advanced techniques to measure and provide accurate data. GMB Heavy Industries guarantees the informed, experienced surveyors you need for your facility to do the job right.

Equipment surveys and inspections help you to make smart maintenance decisions and avoid costly failures and downtime, and also ensure your equipment continues to operate at full capacity.

GMB will undertake an extensive range of surveys, inspections, and audits for facilities anywhere in the world. Due to our extensive experience and precise workmanship, our customers contact us repeatedly to ensure the surveys and inspections are done properly.

GMB Heavy Industries offers surveying services for steel mill equipment such as rolling mills, cooling beds, furnaces, custom equipment, etc. Our engineers provide accurate data from surveys and inspection of your steel mill to ensure that all your equipment and spare parts are aligned correctly. This will maximize your development and the quality of finished materials.

Our services will map the exact location of machinery by:

  • Establishing foundation layout
  • Machine footprint
  • Machine axis
  • Baseline and sole plate layout

Why choose GMB Heavy Industries?

  • Four decades of experience
  • Highly qualified engineers to complete the job right
  • To save money
  • To benefit from our complete, high-quality services and products
  • To control the reliability and integrity of your assets
  • To avoid downtime
  • To prevent expensive maintenance cost
  • High-speed delivery with quick and efficient setup
  • Minimize disruption of production
  • One-stop shop for all your requirements
  • Complete Engineering Feasibility Studies

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