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Transfer Systems and Bundlers

Transfer Systems and Bundlers

Bundlers are used to bind metals, of various sizes and lengths that are finished and out of the line. GMB Heavy Industries has more than 40 years of experience in the steel industry, offering a wide range of products and services for steel mills’ Transfer Systems and Bundlers. Our services include:

Spare Parts and Equipment:

GMB Heavy Industries offers a wide range of spare parts and equipment needed for your Transfer systems and bundlers. We custom design or reverse engineer spare parts to OEM quality or better, which are cost effective and long lasting products. Our engineers will work closely with your team and, if needed, they will visit your mill for precise measurements to provide the best possible solution for your bundlers and stackers that will exceed your expectations.

Maintenance and Repair:

GMB Heavy Industries provide on-site and remote maintenance services in North America. Over the past four decades, we exceeded our customers’ expectations with a variety of innovative maintenance plans for transfer systems, stackers and bundlers which reduces repair costs and potentially reduce capital costs. We offer scheduled and unscheduled maintenance services to steel mills, that include surveys and inspections, equipment replacement, parts installation, measurements and repairs and any other required products and services for transfer systems, bundlers and stackers.

Benefits :

Bundling units are designed to increase productivity, operate easily, with low maintenance costs and quick packing time. GMB Heavy Industries’ team is also professional in the reverse engineering of Stackers and Bundlers and their spare parts. Our engineers will design and manufacture complete turn-key solutions based on your needs and requirements.

End of Line Packing and Bundling Solutions:

Packaging and bundling machines provide steel mills with efficient methods of packaging to protect their products when they are being shipped. Using packaging machines improves packaging speed, efficiency, and ensures proper calibration.

GMB Heavy Industries has 40 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and installation of custom packaging solutions with the best quality for our clients. At GMB Heavy Industries, we also provide spare parts and services for packaging and bundling machines. Our specialty is designing a custom equipment which is compatible with your existing equipment to save you time and money.

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