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Steel Rolling Mill Machinery

Rolling Mill Machinery for steel mills

There are so many challenges in rolling mills industry and steel producers. One of the most critical challenges is to produce finished products which have high quality and made with low production cost. In order to bring down the production cost, it’s important to replace older steel mill equipment with new automatic and semi-automatic equipment. Machines in Continuous Castings (Rolling Mill) process should be maintained and repaired with the highest quality materials and the latest technology to improve the quality of the steel mill’s finished product. Rolling mills are continually looking to improve their production by increasing the productions and decreasing the cost.

New rolling mill equipment helps the steel mills to prevent unscheduled shutdowns which causes the rolling mill to lose so much money. The best way to decrease the number of shutdowns is to maintain and repair the machines and the equipment during the scheduled shutdowns and check the number of spare parts needed for the next run. When the stock of the spare parts is full of high-quality and functioning spares, the millwrights in the steel mill can replace the parts quickly in case anything happens to the previous parts.

GMB Heavy Industries provides all types of custom equipment and spare parts for the steel mill industry in the United States and Canada. We are experts in manufacturing sophisticated steel mill equipment and parts made from Stainless Steel and/or any other materials required for the machine. We use the latest engineering studies and the best materials to increase the mill’s performance and to provide long-lasting equipment/spare parts.

Custom Rolling Mill Machinery and Equipment

Custom build machinery and equipment are widely used in heavy industries, especially steel rolling mills plants. Custom-built machines help the steel mills to save money, improve performance, and buy a piece of equipment that works with other machines in the plant. As a professional steel mill equipment designer, manufacturer, and millwrights, we have achieved the industry-leading level in the rolling mill (continuous castings) manufacturing, especially in the Long-Product Cooling Bed and its parts and equipment.

GMB Heavy Industries’ equipment is made with high-quality materials and mostly stainless steels, forged and hardened steels in order to increase the life of the product and to keep our customer happy. We are proud that are we have served dozens of steel mills in the United States and Canada and our equipment and machinery are being used every day to produced quality steels.

 Benefits of GMB’s Custom Equipment

  • GMB Designs custom equipment from concept to installation
  • Quick turn-around
  • GMB’s engineering team is capable of inventing any new machines
  • North American design
  • Reverse Engineering with OEM or better quality
  • The installation team of 4 to 60 millwrights
  • Reliable customer support team
  • 40 years’ experience in the Steel Mill Industry
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