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Steel Mill Engineering

Are you looking for a steel mill engineering services from a reliable partner in North America?

One of the challenges for the steel mill industry in North America is to find a reliable engineering firm who may assist them during their steel making improvement projects. GMB Heavy Industries understands the requirements of the rolling mill industry. We continuously strive to enhance our customer’s productivity, developing and implementing capital projects that increase efficiency while reducing quality costs. Our engineering team is recognized to provide and deliver the highest quality and cost-effective engineering solutions to rolling mills that are looking to improve and/or replace their steel mill equipment and spare parts.  

GMB Heavy Industry:

GMB has an extensive knowledge and expertise in designing, manufacturing and installing steel mill spare parts. Watch a quick video of our 40 years experience in the steel industry. 

In house (Not Subcontracted) Engineering Solutions

GMB Heavy Industry is taking advantage of our in-house engineering team, which has over 200 years of knowledge and expertise. Our engineer specialize in the design & development of steel mill equipment. They can also redesign or reverse engineer existing it machinery or components to provide improved production performance with superior quality & extended part longevity. We are proud that our steel mill engineers are always proving the best solution with a rapid turnaround time.

While providing engineering solutions for your steel mill, our engineers apply the latest technology to reduce the cost of production and increase efficiency. Capital investments continued to be scrutinized, funds are limited due to the current market condition. Today’s environment causes the need to select the best partner for the steel mill projects to mitigate and minimize the risks of executing projects on time & on budget. GMB Heavy Industries is a market leader when it comes to custom engineering for the steel mill industry. We devote time to listen, assess and understand our client’s requirements before we engage in the development of an Engineered Solution.

Robust is a word with meaning at GMB. Designs are developed with longevity, maintenance and the end user in mind. Our engineering team are an integral part of our manufacturing process to ensure we provide cost-effective custom solutions that are tailored to meet our customers’ requirements. If you require an engineered solutions, send us your RFQ, our sales team will provide you with a comprehensive quote and delivery timing of the items requested. 

Our Rolling Mill Engineering Services:

Engineering Design – Concept, Design, Manufactured Drawings

Engineering Analysis – FEA, Heat Transfer, Structural Analysis

Process Engineering Studies – Cycle time studies, Simulation Videos

Equipment Design & Supply – Custom Solutions

Spare Parts Design & Supply – Reverse Engineered Existing Components

Specialty Custom Equipment Concept and Design

Plant Improvement Solutions

Engineering Surveys

Research & Development

Project Development with dedicated Project Managers

Combined with 200 Years of Engineering Expertise

GMB’s engineering team has extensive understanding of the steel & rolling mill industry. Our engineering team has been built with engineers and designers who have broad knowledge and experience in equipment design for the steel mill industry. Most of GMB Heavy Industry’s engineers have previously worked for major equipment suppliers to the steel mill industry. Their knowledge and expertise is leveraged to provide robust high quality equipment that meets the needs of our customers. Our engineering team has been providing solutions since 1981, and our designed equipment is being used throughout countless steel mills in North America. 

Redesign (Reverse Engineering)

One of the best options for steel mills to save money on equipment and spare parts is to consider reverse engineering their current parts or equipment to increase overall performance. This strategy enables our team to improve efficiency, strength, quality & longevity which will be more cost-effective than replacing the complete machine. GMB Heavy Industry is a leader with respect to reverse engineering services and we can provide you with detailed drawings for the purpose of manufacturing spare parts. This allows the customer to purchase parts from a local manufacturer for emergency break-downs.

Advantages of working with GMB?

Flexible pricing options that meet your budget

40 years’ experience in the steel industry

In-house engineering design team with over 200 years of expertise

Easily scalable services to accommodate large or small projects.

Free quotations

Quick turnaround of the products

Turn-Key Solutions (From Custom Design to Manufacturing to Installation)

Operating throughout the United States and Canada


As a successful engineering and manufacturing company in the steel industry, we are pleased that our team continues to grow, we are making a difference in the steel industry. Our engineering team has designed many projects (from a small fabrications to complete turn-key equipment).

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