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Steel, Iron and High-Wear Castings

Steel, Iron and High-Wear Castings

GMB Heavy Industries offers high-quality steel, iron and high-wear castings parts for the steel industry of the finest quality. We manage all aspects of the supply chain such as design, alloy and process recommendations, samples, quality control, delivery and installation.

GMB Heavy Industries provides un-matched quality:

GMB Heavy Industries designs, manufactures and installs a wide range of components of Steel, Iron and high-wear castings worldwide. Our engineering team is dedicated to innovation and creativity and we ensure that all the custom products manufactured by us, satisfy the technical needs and requirements of our customers.

GMB Heavy Industries manufactures a wide range of steel mill equipment and spare parts that serves as the very core of the modern production infrastructure. Our castings and forgings are built with iron-based metals and high-performance alloys suitable for the steel industry. With no limit in designing custom spare parts or products for steel mills, our engineers are always offering innovative solutions to our customers based on their requirements. Our specialty is designing, building and installing custom parts and machinery that others cannot.

Steel Manufacturers in North America recognizes GMB Heavy Industries as leading manufacturer of the cooling beds and grid castings but we also provide complete steel mill services, products and other spare parts such as Kettenwulf Chains and Hydraulic Nuts.

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