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Steel Forging

Steel Forging

Steel forging is one of the oldest manufacturing methods in the steel industry, and involves compressive forces for shaping metals. However, there are some challenges in finding steel forged materials. Some of these challenges are long lead-time, high prices, sizes are not within forging companies’ specs, low quality materials, high maintenance costs and your specific shape is not supported by the manufacturer. We have the best solution for all the challenges within steel forging industry.

GMB Heavy Industries supplies the highest quality, open or closed die, seamless rolled ring, and contoured rolled ring forgings at the lowest price on the market with very short lead time. No matter how big or small your project is, we will provide the steel forged product to you in any shape and any size.

Our forged steel products include but are not limited to:

GMB Heavy Industries is a custom designer of various products and spare parts for steel mills, with four decades of experience in North America. Our customers recognize GMB Heavy Industries as a company that always offers outstanding service with the highest quality product. We supply steel forged materials to clients in North America and South America. Clients choose us over other competitors and forging companies due to our reasonable pricing, fast lead time, and high-quality products

GMB Heavy Industries offers to supply parts that require custom shapes and forgings in various forms, even the heaviest and most complex. We have provided spare parts and equipment for specialized machinery as well as research and development. Working with your engineering team will allow us to push the boundaries of innovation in steel industry production and create new complex shape products and spare parts for your existing machinery.

GMB Heavy Industries’ products and spare parts have proven themselves with respect to longevity coupled with low maintenance costs. Over the past four decades, our clients have been satisfied with our services and we are proud that they consistently return to us for their new orders. Most steel mills in the industries know GMB as a lead manufacturer of the Cooling Beds and Castings, however, over the past 40 years we designed and manufactured many other custom spare parts and steel mill equipment. Feel free to contact us for your unique product, parts, equipment or component application and we will reply with a prompt quote.

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