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GMB Uses “Spider” for its Millwrights’ Safety

GMB Heavy Industries provides installations and millwrighting services to mills all around North America. Our team of millwrighting experts exceeds 60 employees and experts. It is very important for us that our Millwrights leave their work as intact and healthy as they were when they arrived.


GMB Industries also provides safety training sessions to its millwrights to ensure they are complying with the mills’ rules and they know how to protect their health. Our Company provides the entire safety materials and accessories to the millwrights such as safety hat, safety glasses, boots, etc.

SpiderLine Temporary Horizontal Lifeline:

GMB Heavy Industries always invest in new technologies that are required for our team’s safety at work. Recently our team was engaged in an installation project of the Long-Product Cooling Bed where our millwrights had to work at a steel mill at a 20 feet height to replace Fixed Rakes and Moving Rakes.

GMB Installation

The SpiderLine Temporary Horizontal Lifeline (THLL) is a safe, reliable, proven fall protection solution for the millwrights who are working on elevated surfaces. According to our findings while using the system, SpiderLine’s new designed horizontal lifeline was the best choice to protect our installation team against falls while working on the 20 feet height Cooling Bed. We found that SpiderLine Horizontal LifeLine (THLL) was very easy to install on the beams of the Long-Product Cooling Bed. The system length can be extended up to 300ft by using multiple spans.

GMB Installations‘ management team believes that safety is paramount and is willing to invest in proper safety equipment.  Without the required safety equipment and training, our workforce could spend twice the time to complete an installation project. Providing the best tools for the job will once again show our millwrights that we take their health and safety as seriously as we do our business.

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