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Spare Parts & Logistics

Spare Parts & Logistics

GMB Heavy Industries is known as a one-stop shop. We provide spare parts and logistics to steel and iron industry. We appreciate our customers’ time and trust in partnering with GMB Heavy Industries to design and build spare parts, to their specifications, in North America for faster delivery.

At GMB, our engineers work closely with our customers to make sure they maintain an adequate inventory of spare parts. This inventory is critical to ensure the mill does not experience an unplanned shutdown while replacement parts are sourced. If the spare parts you require are not readily available in the marketplace, we will design or reverse engineer, build, quality check, and install the replacement spares. This will get you up and running in the shortest amount of time possible.

Spare Parts and Logistics for Steel Mill with OEM Quality or Better:

We understand that some of the components of your steel mill equipment have been in service for decades and are no longer available in the marketplace. But we are able to design, manufacture and ship the spare part you need in at a fair cost, short time delivery, and guaranteed OEM quality.

GMB Heavy Industries provides a wide variety of Spare Parts for steel mills and iron making industries. Examples are noted below:

Custom Designed Spare Parts and Logistics for Steel mills:

At GMB Heavy Industries, we design, reverse engineer, manufacture and install spare parts based on customers’ needs. In the past four decades, we have designed, built and installed spare parts that are long-lasting with low maintenance cost, high quality and cost-effective for steel mills and iron making industries’ machinery. Our customers find that GMB Heavy Industries delivers its spare parts and products so much faster than other players in the marketplace.

Ability to stock your spare parts:

GMB Heavy Industries also works with our customers and gets to know their requirements for critical spare parts. We stock many spare parts for our customer to ensure they receive the part in a timely manner, while keeping their inventory costs down. GMB ensures that its clients receive a complete service for their steel mill whether they need a complete solution or just maintenance and repair.

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