Spare Parts for Steel Industry During COVID-19

Steel Mill Eccentrics

GMB Heavy Industry has extensive knowledge and experience in manufacturing spare parts for the rolling & steel mill industry in the North America. We supply thousands of spare parts annually for every section of the rolling mill from the furnace to the finishing end.

One of the advantages of partnering with GMB is that we design, redesign, reverse engineer, manufacture and are able to install spare parts. If you require spare parts for your furnace-pusher, mill stand, or cooling bed, we are here to help.

GMB History:

GMB has an extensive knowledge and expertise in designing, manufacturing and installing steel mill spare parts. Watch a quick video of our 40 years experience in the steel industry. 

Steel Mill Spare Parts

GMB Heavy Industries is committed to producing high-quality, long-life spare parts for our customers. Our spare parts include but are not limited to the following items:


Fixed or moving, cooling bed and billet bed. GMB Is known to be the market leader when it comes to Long-Product Cooling Beds and its spare parts. 

Trough Castings

Ductile Iron castings.

Trough Casting
grid casting

Grid castings

Manufactured to suit the specific requirements of your mill. Visit our High-Wear Castings page for more information. 

Brake Slides

Made from Ductile Iron.

Brake Slide Steel Mill
Tapered Entry Guide

Tapered Entry Guides

Custom-Made from top quality material. 

Wear Plates

Made from Ductile Iron, for grid castings and brake slides etc.

Steel mill equipment
Roll sleeve GMB

Run-In Roll Sleeves

Easy to change, reversible to reduce cost.

Aligning Rolls

In good repair, these rolls will prevent slipping which minimizes damage to product.

Rolling Mill Aligning Rolls

Cobble Covers

Contain cobbles for easier removal and less down time.

Scratch Free Rolls

Prevents damage to product, a must for SBQ. We supply hundreds of Scratch Free Rolls systems every year (from complete engineering to spare parts). 

Cartridge Roll Assemblies with High Temperature Bearings
Torque Tube Steel Mill

Torque Tubes

These will take the ‘wind up’ out of your shafts.


For eccentrics or troughs. Machined to the exact specifications for your application.

steel mill shaft
steel mill couplings


All sizes available, couplings can be customized to suit your needs.


Split design so the shaft does not need to be removed to replace the eccentric.

Steel Mill Eccentrics
steel mill turn buckle


Bent or twisted, damaged thread. Replacements are available.

Linkage Arms

Maintain in good condition to ensure correct movement and transfer.

link arm

Wiper Arms

Ensure correct product transfer with parts in good condition.

Transfer Chains

If you need a single link or full chains lengths we can accommodate your requirements.

Kettenwulf Chain for Steel Mill

Miscellaneous Pins, Bushes etc.

There are always some parts needed for service or stock, we can supply.

Steel Mill Spare Parts during COVID-19:

COVID-19 has created a large economic contraction in the North American Steel Industry. Most of the major projects have been delayed to 2021 or 2022. Several steel factories have been temporarily closed due to COVID-19.

As we begin to manage COVID-19 cases in the North America, more factories are reopening and are requiring steel.

GMB Heavy Industries understands that there a new financial constraints, we are assisting our customer by providing competitive prices and quick deliveries to all of our valued steel mill customers.

Order in Advance, Ship On-Demand:

As part of our commitment, GMB Heavy Industries maintains stock for our ongoing customers regularly used spare parts. We have the ability to store parts locally in Ontario, Canada. Once you require the spare parts in the mill or for an upcoming outage, our shipping department will ship the spares directly to you.

Contact our steel mill engineers at anytime. We respond to all the emails within hours. 

Thousands of Spares Parts Delivered Every Year:

Our Engineering Department at GMB Heavy Industries is able to reverse-engineer spare parts for most equipment.  Once the engineering design of the product is complete, we will manufacture the parts of the highest quality in a timely manner.

Cost-Effective Spare Parts for Steel Mills:

Many of the Steel Mills in the US order their spare parts for steel industry from GMB Heavy Industries, not just because we have proven that GMB provides the highest quality materials, but also for our cost effectiveness. Our spare parts pricing is very reasonable. Our delivery time is fast and efficient to ensure our customer satisfaction.

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