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Steel mill shears are used to cut thin sheet, plates, beams and bars. Depending on the application, shearing machines typically employ a fixed lower blade and a moving upper blade to perform the cutting action. Shearing machines can be used to cut steel and other materials in any size or shape.

GMB Heavy Industries is a manufacturer of heavy industrial shears for steel and other metals. We design and manufacture a wide range of industrial shears using high-quality materials along with the most advanced technology. We have the ability to build any kind of shearing machine to suit your specific requirements.


Do you need a part for your existing shear?

Industrial shearing machines can work for decades, however, some parts should be changed to improve the efficiency and productivity of the steel mill. Our engineering team is able to reverse engineer any parts for a shearing machine such the blade, or any other components no matter how big or small your equipment.

Flying shears

Steel mills use Flying Shears for cutting profile metals and bars during the rolling mill process. These can be fully automated with a motor and a heat sensor depending on the application. Custom designed Flying Shears can be semi-automatic or fully automatic depending on customer needs. Steel mills choose to have Flying Shears custom designed based on their own specific needs. Custom designing ensures that their materials are cut precisely to their requirements, and will also save money by reducing maintenance.

GMB Heavy Industries is a manufacturer and service provider for all types of industrial Flying Shears. We are specialists in designing and manufacturing high speed flying shear machines for cutting various steel products such as coils, bars, profile metals, etc. to precise lengths without stopping the cut processing.

Our custom-built Flying Shears are specially designed to meet your particular situation. The design will determine the size of shear, best materials to use, and their thickness and strength. In the past 40 years, GMB has designed and built high-performance machines, employing the most advanced technology, and of the highest quality. GMB Heavy Industries designs, manufactures, builds and services two types of Flying Shears:


Having a precision flying Shear (cut-to-length) lines make your production plant more productive, faster, safer and more efficient. The advantages of using GMB Heavy Industries’ Flying Shear for your plant are:

Cold Shear


Cold Shearing machines are used in Steel Mills to cut the finished product to a defined length. Steel facilities use Cold Shears system for all types of bars, rounds, and structural products.

GMB Heavy Industries custom designs, manufactures, delivers and set up Cold Shears in order to:

Our engineering team can develop high strength capacity Cold Shearing machines with the most advanced technology, for your specific application. Cold Shears are custom designed and built based on a plant’s requirement for strength, automation and capacity. Depending on the annual production capacity of the plant, cutting force capacity and blade length are determined by engineers at GMB Heavy Industries. We also upgrade existing Cold Shears, offer OEM-quality spare parts and blades to cut all types of metal.

If you are looking for a steel mill equipment, spare part or reverse engineering, or a design for a new machine (shears, cooling beds, insterstands, etc), we will offer you the most affordable price, best quality, and outstanding support no matter how small or large your project.

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