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Steel Mill Services

GMB Heavy Industries provides quality services to the steel and metal industries to improve quality, efficiency, and competitiveness. GMB provides a one-stop shop for design, build, installation and maintenance for all your production requirements.

The GMB team consists of highly qualified engineers who provide customized solutions to our customers’ unique problems. We have served companies in the steel mill industry for the past four decades.

Our diverse and innovative processes, creative steel mill engineering solutions, and quality engineering, ensure we provide you with a successful outcome. Whether a one-off component or total turn-key solution, GMB Heavy Industries will work within your budgetary restrictions to ensure complete satisfaction. Our staff works with you to simplify complex problems and develop answers to solutions that meet your needs.

Services Highlight:

Since 1981, we have been offering appropriate services to our hundreds of steel mill customers worldwide (find the short listed of our customers here), with a passion for innovation every time. We are constantly on the move to provide a wide variety of services which include:

1. Engineering

From Concept to Creation – One-stop shop for your engineering needs

GMB Heavy Industries is proud to be among the highly respected companies in the metal and steel industries, that provides a wide range of engineering and design services.

The key to our success is that we understand our customers’ needs, provide ongoing support to minimize capital expenditure, improve production performance and provide the highest quality services for their investments.

Read more about the benefits and different types of our engineering services.

2. Project Management

Innovative project management solutions for the steel mill industry

GMB Heavy Industries has been providing outstanding services, equipment, and spare parts to steel mills all worldwide. GMB provides complete project management services for steel mills and rolling mills. We are known as a one-stop shop steel mill custom manufacturer that provides project management services for the products we manufacturer.

In the past 40 years, we supplied more than just facilities engineering services for the steel mill industry. Our professional and experienced engineers work closely with our customer’s team throughout the entire project management process to provide:

3. Manufacturing

Specialized solutions & innovative products to reduce costs and maximize productivity

GMB Heavy Industries is your one-stop shop for all your manufacturing & automated manufacturing needs. Our skilled and qualified workforce is capable of producing high quality machine components and quality fabrications.

Quality assurance is one of our company’s core values and the most important aspect of our work. Our quality control department carefully inspects the product at every stage of the manufacturing process. Our expertise, our facility, and our people, can provide you with a customized solution no matter the size of your project.

4. Installation

Specializing in turn-key projects – safe and complete solutions

GMB Heavy Industries’ reputation in the industry is based not only on our high quality products and services, but also on Post Installation services, reliability, and warranty, whether you plan to revamp/modernize your existing equipment or install new equipment.

What separates GMB from most other companies in the industry and has led to our continuous growth and success, is our ability to specialize in turn-key projects. This offers you, as a valued customer, the comfort of dealing with only one supplier from the beginning to the end of your project.

5. Spare Parts & Logistics

GMB Heavy Industries is known as a one-stop shop. It provides spare parts and logistics to the steel and metal industry space. We appreciate our customers’ time and trust in partnering with us to design and build spare parts, to their specification, in North America for faster delivery.

At GMB, our engineers work closely with our customers to make sure they maintain an adequate inventory of spare parts for their plant, in case there is any need for changes. If the spare parts you are looking for are not available in the market, we will design or reverse engineer, build, quality check, and install the replacement spare parts. This will get you up and running in the shortest amount of time possible.

6. Maintenance and Repairs

It takes proper plant maintenance and repair services for a manufacturing plant to run optimally for positive outcomes such as improved production. At GMB Heavy Industries, we specialize in capital equipment installation services, maintenance of your plant and repairing of various equipment within the mill.

Our maintenance and repair services consist of:

7. Upgrades and Modernization

Stay ahead of the competition by modernizing and upgrading your plant

Find 6 reasons why steel mills should be modernized and upgraded:

8. Engineering Feasibility Study

In order to achieve a successful project, whether it is adding a small machine or upgrading a complete section of your mill, you will need a professional, trustworthy engineering team. They will advise on the best approach to achieve your goal. An engineering feasibility study will allow you to determine the cost, duration and risk of the project. From this study you will be better able to make the correct decision.

GMB Heavy Industries’ team of engineers, designers, technologists and project specialists, have the range of skills to undertake the required investigation or study, while ensuring an informed and thorough result.

9. Research and Development

Steel companies are constantly focusing on product innovation as one of their core elements. The more commodity-oriented steel producers are investing in targeted innovations in order to increase their product range. This will enable them to enter the markets of the more diversified steel companies.

Research and development are of great importance to GMB. We understand that your company needs a complete master plan in order to stay ahead of competitors while maximizing the quality and quantity of production.

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