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Fixed Rakes & Aligning Rolls Supply

GMB Heavy Industries custom designs, manufactures and installs equipment used in the rolling mill and the steel mill industries. While our original focus was to maintain Cooling Beds across North America, GMB has since grown to the point where it is now considered one of the leaders in the North American market that provides engineering services to Long-Product Cooling Beds.

One of our recent orders is to re-design, manufacture, and install new Fixed Rakes, Aligning Rolls and a Scratch Free Roll System for a steel mill in Texas, USA. These parts are designed to work with the mill’s current Cooling Bed, and provide an upgrade in quality from the previous Rakes and Rolls.  Our client requested that we identify the reason for their products not being cooled and aligned properly. Our engineering team carried out a complete survey/inspection and identified that the top parts of the Cooling Bed were rusted and needed replacing with new, high quality parts.

OEM or Better Quality:

One of our main goals at GMB Heavy Industries is to manufacture equipment that includes extended life span and trouble-free service for many years.  Consequently, GMB uses the best quality steel to produce its equipment.  It is our experience, that Fixed Rakes, Moving Rakes, Grid Castings and Aligning Rolls, need replacing after a decade or so, due to their constant interaction with extremely hot product.

Millwrighting & Installation:

GMB Heavy Industries’ millwrighting and installation services are proud of their reputation for quick response,  and ability to work within set deadlines.  As the picture shows, Fixed Rakes are pre-assembled with the Aligning Rolls to save time during installation in the mill. Quick turnaround is the promise we make to our customers, and that is one of the reasons they prefer to work with GMB Heavy Industries instead of competitors.

Logistics Services:

After designing and manufacturing your required products in our facility in North America, we also offer logistics services. GMB will store your equipment and spare parts, and ship them to you whenever you need them. Many steel mills choose to use this service, so that some spare parts and equipment, such as Aligning Rolls and Scratch Free Rolls, are readily available when they need them.

Surveys and Inspection:

Our engineering team has over 40 years of experience, specifically in the steel mill industry. Our clients contact GMB for complete Surveys/Inspections of their equipment, in order to identify the reason why the quality of their mill output is below standard.  GMB recommends annual checkups, surveys, and inspections of steel mill equipment, to reduce the possibility of unplanned downtimes that interfere with production output capacity.  The goal of annual surveys and inspections is to produce better quality products on a consistent basis with little or no downtime.

Ask an Expert in Steel Industry:

If your steel mill needs any redesigned or replacement parts or equipment, contact our engineering team to receive the best quality rolling mill equipment at competitive pricing.  GMB Heavy Industries also provide, exceptional customer service, and we assure you that our engineers will work with you to stay within your budget.

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