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Rolling Mill Gear Boxes

Rolling Mill Gear Boxes

GMB Heavy Industries custom manufactures and supplies different types of rolling mill gearboxes based on the customer’s requirements. These requirements could be single, double or multiple stage gearboxes. Designing and manufacturing reliable gearboxes is an important element in the mill operation. In order to avoid costly mill shutdowns, gearboxes must be able to run continuously and withstand heavy loading. Also, gearboxes are expected to have a long lifespan.

Before we design your custom rolling mill gearbox, our engineers will collect all the relevant information. This information will enable them to design the most cost-effective gearbox for your plant. The gearbox will be designed and built to GMB’s exacting standards for smooth operation and long life.

Rolling Mill Gear Boxes


What makes GMB Heavy Industries a strong partner in the steel mill equipment industry is the expertise we have gained over decades of experience. While we design, build and install rolling mill gearboxes, we also offer spare parts, service, maintenance, upgrades and modernization to all types of rolling mill gearboxes. GMB Heavy Industries is dedicated to providing the highest quality rolling mill gearboxes, which are carefully designed to satisfy our customers’ applications such as shears.


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