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Reverse/Custom Engineered Parts

Reverse/Custom engineered parts

GMB Heavy Industries offers a full range of services for reverse engineering, concept development manufacturing of custom components and of technical support for steel mills, spare parts, and machinery. Our engineering experts make full use of their comprehensive experience in mechanical manufacturing and design engineering, by proposing innovative custom solutions to ensure that each product meets our clients’ unique requirements.

GMB Heavy Industries has four decades of experience in rapid, state-of-the-art, reverse engineering of parts and products for steel mills. Our team uses the most advanced reverse engineering tools and technologies to provide quick product turnaround, OEM quality and long lasting products and spare parts. Experts at GMB Heavy Industries have developed solutions and adapted to all types of products in rolling mills process, iron making industries and steel mill machinery and equipment

Our expertise in Reverse Engineering, Manufacturing and Installing includes but is not limited to these products/spare parts:

GMB Heavy Industries is specialized in turn-key solutions and we are considered to be a high-quality one-stop shop for all engineering needs in the steel industry. If you need to reverse engineer a product and you do not see it on the list above, please contact our engineers to request a prompt quote for your specific application.

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