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Reject Cart (Scrap Cart)

GMB Heavy Industry has a long history of designing, manufacturing and installing custom designed equipment for the North American steel manufacturing industry. Our engineering team design completely new equipment by listening to our customers’ requirements to solve existing issues using the latest technologies. We are known as an industry leader in providing unique engineered solutions for Cooling Beds, however, GMB provides custom turn-key equipment throughout the rolling mill.

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Reject Cart:

GMB was tasked with engineering a solution which allowed one of our customers to safely handle reject bars, transporting them outside to a safe location to be banded, all while not interrupting production. Located at the Finishing end of a Bar Mill, the GMB supplied equipment was designed to work in conjunction with the existing Finishing End Equipment. The new equipment allowed the customer to bypass the existing Reject bar Cradles, and guide the reject bars safety into a GMB supplied motorized self-guided scrap car capable of managing up to 10 tons of scrap material, which transports the scrap safely outside of the building, where it will be later banded.

Functionality of Reject Cart Equipment:

GMB Heavy Industries’ new equipment was manufacture to perform a number of functions:

• In the normal mode of operation, hydraulic cylinders actuate a set of new guide rails to bypass/bridge the existing cradles. These guide-rails direct/guide the various length reject bars (from 5ft to 30ft in length) into the new motorized reject cart. To accommodate short bars, additional guide rails are supplied near the reject conveyor end stop.
• Once the scrap is ready to be bundled the second set of hydraulic cylinders activate a set of arms (Bar stops) that when in their down position extend over the gap between the cart and the fixed guide rails. These arms pivot vertically up and form a stop to prevent further scrap material from falling onto the area of the vacated scrap cart. This allows for un-interrupted production while the scrap cart is offline. The cart can then be moved outside the building where the scrap can be safely bundled.
• In the event of any operational problems or to perform maintenance on the scrap cart, the new guide rails that are used to bridge the existing cradles can be raised to their vertical position. This will form a barrier to direct the newly generated scrap into the existing cradles.

Features of Reject Cart:

  • The scrap car consists of series of U shaped cradles mounted to a steel base frame. The floor of the frame is covered along its entire length to prevent scrap from protruding down below the car and impeding the cars movement. One side of the car has flanged wheels to guide the car. The opposite side wheels are plain to allow for expansion. The wheels are mounted on a solid steel axle and run in anti-friction bearings that are bolted to the main frame.
  • The Reject Cart is powered by an Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) System. Power is transferred inductively [without contact] from an insulated stationary conductor to the pickup on the mobile car via an air gap. The stationary conductor is mounted in a trench located in between the cars rails. The conductor is then covered with epoxy to protect it from physical damage and the environment.
  • The cart’s movement is controlled via a wireless operator pendant. The operator walks alongside the car when it is in motion. The car travels at 75 ft./min. A flashing beacon and audible alarm is provided for safety.
  • A gearmotor mounted within the frame of cart propels the cart. Chain and sprockets connect the gearmotor to 2 drive shafts which in turn drive the front four wheels of the cart. Access to the motor and the chains is via bolt on covers on the floor of the car.
  • In the cars home position, there are a series of cams attached to the newly supplied guide rail fabrications. Tapered entry guides attached to the cart dock over the cams. These guides are designed to take the impact load of the product (bars) and thus fall onto the cart and prevent the cart from tipping/moving sideways.
  • A cushioned end stop is provided for the carts home position to ensure proper alignment of the cart with the guide rails.
  • Platform steps are provided to give the operator access for bundling on the existing cradles.

Custom Equipment for Steel Mill:

When designing custom equipment for continuous casting of the steel mill, the most important factor for GMB is the customer’s satisfaction. Throughout the designing, manufacturing and installation phases, GMB communicates the entire process with steel mills’ personnel to inform them about the process, any changes being done in the design and final approval of the drawings before manufacturing the equipment begins.

After the completion of manufacturing, GMB invited the decision-making team members of the steel mill to its facility in North America to inspect the final equipment and perform a functional test. The steel mill personnel expressed great satisfaction with the result of this project and congratulated all involved on the success.

GMB During COVID-19:

In the current situation of safety measures being taken around the world to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus, GMB Heavy Industries remains open for business. We continue to service our customers. We are considered as an essential business and our team is working hard to deliver all the projects on-time in a safe manner.
GMB Heavy Industries is ready to help with any of your steel mill’s engineering related projects, manufacturing of any equipment or spare parts. Contact us today to receive a quotation for your future North American equipment.

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