Project Management

Innovative project management solutions for Steel Mills

GMB Heavy Industries provides outstanding services, equipment, and spare parts to steel mills worldwide. GMB provides complete project management services for steel mills and rolling mills. We are known as a one-stop shop, steel mill, custom manufacturer that provides project management services for the products we manufacture.

In the past 40 years, we have supplied more than just facilities engineering services for the steel and metal industry. Our professional and experienced engineers work closely with our customer’s team throughout the entire project management process to provide:

Steel Mill Project Management:

GMB Heavy Industries provides two types of project management services to the steel mills. Which are:

  • Project management services for the products and spare parts that were designed, reverse engineered and manufactured by GMB Heavy Industries. We provide complete services so that steel mills have to work only with one supplier throughout their project. GMB provides very short lead time, compared to the competition, to design, manufacture and install the equipment in the mill. Consequently, there is less hassle for the mill in having only a single supplier to deal with, throughout the entire process.
  • GMB Heavy Industries also offers project management and installation services of other products and services. Over the past 40 years, many customers worldwide have trusted GMB to install various products & steel mill equipment supplied by other manufacturers. Our experienced engineering and installation team will always provide the most innovative and unique solutions to your problems. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations, by delivering project management and installation services that meet or beat their deadlines.
Steel Mill Project Management


  • One-stop shop for all your steel mill needs
  • Innovative project management solutions with 40 years of experience
  • The most cost-effective project management solutions
  • Services for both standard and custom fabrication project management jobs
  • Offer both large and minor project management jobs
  • Using the world’s top quality and the most precise technologies
  • Safety is of prime concern in all aspects of the project

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