Steel Mill Equipment

Customized innovative solutions for the steel making industry

GMB Heavy Industries’ line of products has been carefully chosen to satisfy almost every need of the steelmaking industry. Our product designs incorporate high-grade materials selected specifically for each application to ensure long life with low maintenance operation.

GMB Heavy Industries’ manufacturing department is capable of meeting all of your needs. Our engineering team works very closely with our customers to identify their needs in order to offer the best possible solutions. We creatively design products using the latest cutting-edge technologies for the steel industry in a way that not only meets our customer’s expectations, they exceed them. Our products have guaranteed durability and render trouble-free performance in the desired applications.

steel mill products and equipment

GMB Heavy Industries is a one-stop shop where you do not require any other services from a third party company. While we specialize in the steel industry, our products are also widely used in various other industries featuring ergonomic designs.

When the manufacturing product or the spare parts you need are no longer available, or you cannot find a compatible model, you risk plant shutdown. Whether you need a small item or a complete unit, we offer OEM quality machine/spare parts at the most affordable prices, short lead-time and hassle free installations.

At GMB Heavy Industries, our products work with your existing equipment. Our engineers will collect data from your current equipment, and we will design, build and install a unit that is compatible with your existing machines.

Features and Benefits:

GMB Heavy Industries carries a wide range of products that are aligned with almost every need of the steelmaking industry. We manufacture our products with high-grade materials for longevity and low maintenance costs. Our remarkable record of, four decades now, and our outstanding expertise, are assurance that you are choosing a reliable partner for your business.

What distinguishes us from other players in the industry is that we are capable of designing and building products that are within your requirements and, of course, compatible with your existing line of products and machinery. Our solutions are integrated into customer’s existing process flow and work in conjunction with different types of equipment. Engineers at GMB Heavy Industries will always provide you with superior custom designed solutions or will recommend the best available options for your application available in the marketplace.

Partnering with GMB Heavy Industries will give you the benefit of dealing with a one-stop shop company, with custom turn-key solutions. Our company provides complete services for steel mills and a wide range of spare parts for the ironmaking industry. We take care of everything from design to installation.

Areas of expertise:

GMB Heavy Industries has four decades of experience in the steel industries’ equipment and products. We have been a trusted partner for many steel plants in North America to supply products, parts & 17 various services. Our company is known for its cooling bed expertise and our engineers can design, redesign, manufacture, and install cooling beds and related equipment, but we also have had very successful projects supplying other materials, products, parts and services to different steel mills around the world.

We are a manufacturer of custom products and spare parts for steel mills. We can provide custom solutions for your unique applications. Please contact us if you don’t find your required product or spare parts in this list:

List of products…

1. Long Product Cooling Bed

A cooling bed consists of fixed and moving rakes at the end of the rolling mill that supports the hot-rolled steel from the hot mill to cool hot-rolled products. Each type of cooling bed needs entry and exit solution to ensure minimal damage to the steel. However, some are more complicated than others; integrating advanced arrangements and cooling equipment.

GMB Heavy Industries has long been recognized for its expertise in designing, building, and installing of long product cooling beds and its equipment.

long product cooling bed maufacturing and engineering
rolling mill gearbox equipment for the steel mill

2. Rolling Mill Gear Boxes

GMB Heavy Industries’ custom manufactures and supplies different types of rolling mill gearboxes, based on the customer’s requirements whether it’s a single, double or multiple stage designed gearbox. Designing and manufacturing reliable gearboxes is an important factor in mills due to continuous operation and the heavy demands made on them.

Benefits and Technology

What makes GMB Heavy Industries a strong partner in the steel mill industry is our decades of experience. While we design, build and install rolling mill gearboxes, we also offer spare parts, service, maintenance, upgrades, and modernization to all type of rolling mill gearboxes.