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Leica Precision Laser Measurement & Alignment

Steel Mill Survey Using Latest Leica Laser Tracker

GMB Heavy Industries provides precision alignment and uses the latest laser tracker system that is extremely accurate in order to save money for steel mills and decrease downtime in the long run. GMB is taking advantage of its in-house team that is educated to work with the Leica AT500 3D laser tracker system based on Absolute Distance Meter technology. 

GMB Heavy Industries is internationally recognized for providing top-quality steel mill services such as engineering, equipment, spare parts, millwrighting & project management. 

We offer a wide range of on-site surveying services. Our engineers can work under tough conditions in narrow spaces with the most advanced techniques to measure and provide accurate data. GMB Heavy Industries guarantees the informed, experienced surveyors you need for your facility to do the job right.

Equipment surveys and inspections help you to make smart maintenance decisions and avoid costly failures and downtime, and also ensure your equipment continues to operate at full capacity.

GMB will undertake an extensive range of surveys, inspections, and audits for facilities anywhere in the world. Due to our extensive experience and precise workmanship, our customers contact us repeatedly to ensure the surveys and inspections are done properly.

GMB Heavy Industries offers surveying services for steel mill equipment such as rolling mills, cooling beds, furnaces, custom equipment, etc. Our engineers provide accurate data from surveys and inspection of your steel mill to ensure that all your equipment and spare parts are aligned correctly. This will maximize your development and the quality of finished materials.

Our services will map the exact location of machinery by :

Cooling Bed Survey/ Inspections

Long-Products Cooling Beds needs to be surveyed/ inspected and maintained on a regular base. Some parts that will be inspected during our visits are:

Our engineering team typically perform many inspection/ survey of Cooling Beds followed by a complete Technical Report of our findings along with recommendations and quotations for the proposed repairs or re-alignments. We use a Leica Tracker instrument as well as conducting a complete visual visual inspection of the entire Cooling Bed and Entry Trough.The survey  Inspections are usually one to two days,however, the engineering time spent on the Technical Report is typically a lengthy process. GMB Heavy Industries have done the Cooling Bed Engineering Surveys in many steel mills in North America.

Survey/ Inspection of the Cooling Bed can only be during the down days of the mill. Our engineering team shows up the day before the down day to meet with your steel mill’s Production and Maintenance personnel to better understand the challenges and equipment problems they need help with.

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