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High Quality, Low cost manufacture of Spare Parts in North America

GMB Heavy Industries is specialized in custom designing as well as reverse engineering for spare parts and machinery for the steel industry in North America. In the past 40 years, we have been designing, manufacturing and installing North American quality spare parts. North America mills knows GMB Heavy Industries for its excellent service, quick lead time and North American supplied equipment.

GMB Heavy Industries is known to provide spare-parts to OEM quality, competitive pricing and quick lead time. GMB Heavy Industries is the steel industry’s trusted source to provide services, products and spare parts in North America and all around the globe with 40 years of experience.

The outstanding reputation of GMB Heavy Industries for spare parts includes:

GMB Heavy Industries is a spare parts’ one-stop shop for steel mills that custom design products, manufacture and install them at your facility. We produce a wide range of parts and products for steel mills with the finest-quality raw materials, cutting-edge technology using our highly experienced engineering team with over 25 years of experience.

While we custom design, reverse engineer and manufacture our spare parts to OEM quality, with quick turn-around and customers’ satisfaction guarantee, these products are being supplied to our customers at unbeatable prices. Because we are committed to a long-term relationship with our customers, our prices are always lowest in the market for the finest quality spare-parts.

In addition to high quality and competitive pricing from GMB Heavy Industries, quick delivery and a dedicated team for installation of the spare parts and products are also the main reasons that customers choose us over other competitors. GMB Heavy Industries reverse engineers the spare parts and offers better quality parts for your steelmaking facility with very quick delivery.

List of the Spare parts

If the spare part you need is not on the list, please make sure to contact us for further information. Our engineering team has no limit on designing and manufacturing spare parts for steel mills. Our dedicated team of experts ensures you are prepared for all contingencies, so your production lines continue to run seamlessly and your uptime remains consistent.

1. Reverse/Custom Engineered Parts

GMB Heavy Industries offers a full range of services for reverse engineering, concept development, manufacturing of custom components and technical support for steel mills and iron making spare parts and machinery.

Our engineering experts make full use of their vast experience in mechanical manufacturing and design engineering, by proposing innovative custom solutions to ensure that each product meets our clients’ unique requirements.

Our expertise includes but is not limited to these products/spare parts:

2. Long-Life Conveyor Rolls

In the steel mills and ironmaking industry, conveyors are used for transporting product throughout the mill. Not having the necessary spare parts for Conveyor Rollers will increase plant downtime.

GMB Heavy industries designs, manufactures and installs Long-Life Conveyor rolls to be used in the steel and metal industry. We specialize in building and supplying thin wall sleeves with high wear resistant cast iron to transport products.

3. Steel Forging

Steel forging is one of the oldest manufacturing methods in the steel industry and involves compressive forces for shaping metals. However, there are some challenges in finding steel forged materials. Some of these challenges are long lead-time, high prices, sizes are not within forging companies’ specs, low quality materials, high maintenance costs and your specific shape is not supported by the manufacturer. We have the best solution for all of the challenges within steel forging industry.

GMB Heavy Industries supplies the highest quality, open or closed die, seamless rolled ring, and contoured rolled ring forgings at the lowest price on the market with very short lead time.

4. Steel, Iron and High-Wear Castings

GMB Heavy Industries offers high-quality steel, iron and high-wear casting parts for the steel industry with the finest quality. We manage all aspects of the supply chain such as design, alloy and process recommendations, samples, quality control, delivery and installation.

GMB Heavy Industries provides un-matched quality:

Kettenwulf Chain for Steel Mill

5. Chains

We are a supplier to the steel industry of KETTENWULF Chain in North America.

GMB Heavy Industries is a custom designer and installer of a wide variety of steel products such as chains and attachments, sleeve bearings, sprockets and other equipment for the steel industry. Our custom designed chains are built based on our customers’ specific applications to perform at levels other roller chains can’t match.

6. Hydraulic Nuts

GMB Heavy Industries is among the largest designers, manufacturers and installers of equipment, parts and products in the steel industry with four decades of comprehensive experience. We have the extensive knowledge, and experienced engineers in designing and manufacturing of custom parts and products for the steel and metal industries.

We are offering a wide range Hydraulic Nuts that are used in different parts of rolling mills and the steel industry

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