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Mill Stand Base for Rolling Mills

Our engineers at GMB Heavy Industries have designed, engineered and manufactured a 20,500 lbs base for a Mill Stand to be installed in a steel mill in Texas, United States.

GMB Heavy Industries’ engineering team was challenged of improving the structural rigidity of the existing Mill stand base. During the operation of certain products, the mill stand base would flex at the location of mill stand camps. GMB engineers were able to substantially increase the base while maintaining the existing footprint and functionality of the equipment.  After our client approved the new design, our manufacturing team started the fabrication and machining process.

How our custom equipment increases productivity in steel mills?

Most steel mills tend to work with companies that provide rolling mill custom equipment to improve their existing machines without spending large amounts of capital. GMB Heavy Industries takes advantage of its in-house engineering team that designs custom equipment/spare parts and engineered solutions for rolling mill’s existing equipment. We provide engineering services such as design, steel mill engineering feasibility studies, reverse engineering and on-site surveys/inspections.

Our engineering team provides exceptional solutions to the steel mill industry to improve our customers’ existing machines to save money, decrease the rolling mill’s downtime while improving the quality of finished products. In this particular project, the maintenance team was facing issues with their current mill stand base causing misalignment and flex. We proposed a custom-designed Mill Stand Base that was created to improve support at the housing locations in the rolling mill for the mill stands. This steel mill decided to partner with GMB Heavy Industries due to its reputation in the steel industry. High quality, robust designs, North American products, affordable prices and professional management of the project from start to finish which includes design, manufacturing, and installation. Turnkey!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding purchasing your next custom equipment for rolling mills and the steel mill industry, we are always here to help. Our engineering team will answer all your questions, even if you are looking for a second opinion.

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