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Material Handling

Steel Mill Material Handling

The steel industry, and steel mills in particular, should cooperate with companies that design and manufacture heavy, steel mill equipment. This would include, cooling beds, shears, mill stands, entry troughs, and conveyors, etc.

Since 1979, GMB Heavy Industries has been primarily dedicated to the custom design, manufacturing, and installation of steel mill equipment, spare parts, and material handling systems for a variety of demanding applications.

Our in-house, North American based, engineering expertise, provides design (redesign), manufacturing, and installation of all the steel mill equipment we design. We have served the steel industry for more than 40 years and have provided significant capital equipment and countless steel mill spare parts to mills all across North America.

GMB Heavy Industries is a market leader in the engineering, manufacture, and installation of Long-product Cooling Beds.  However, we are more than just a source for Cooling Beds.  With GMB’s wide ranging expertise in the steel industry, you can rely on us for all your steel mill, material handling requirements.

Many Steel Mills throughout North America have worked with GMB to develop their material handling equipment. We also advise on recommended spare parts, in order to minimise costly downtime, for all custom-built material handling systems.

Material Handling Design for Steel Mills

GMB Heavy Industries’ in-house engineering department in North America has extensive experience in custom-designing material handling systems. This experience equips us to tackle your one-of-a-kind applications that include unique or extreme requirements. We welcome new challenges; our team has been accepting applications for new steel mill, material handling projects for more than the past 40 years.

Whether you require a chain conveyor, powered roller conveyor, or bundler & transfer system, for your rolling mill facility, we have the expertise to ensure your project’s successful outcome.  When partnering with GMB Heavy Industries, you will be working with a team of Steel Mill Engineers and experts who come with a deep reservoir of knowledge.

Manufacturing of Material Handling Systems:

GMB Heavy Industries uses the highest (OEM or better) quality products in the manufacture of your material handling system. Our team has the capability to manufacture from a small custom-designed part, all the way to large capital equipment.  We will design and build equipment that integrates seamlessly with your existing installation. We have manufactured all types of material handling units for steel mills over the past 40 years.  Because we are dedicated to the steel mill industry, we can fully understand your needs and requirements.

Tailored Systems for Steel Mills Unique Material Handling Applications:

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Chain Conveyor

Chain Conveyors are used for carrying a heavy load, such as different types of Beams, Bars, Pipes, and Bushels. GMB Heavy Industries Chain conveyors are made to work under severe conditions, including high heat, extreme dust, and wet environments.

Chain conveyors consist of Steel BlockChain and Coil Conveyor Chains in which we engineer, manufacture and install both types of chain conveyors. Suppose you have a chain conveyor built by another company and plan to reorder parts of the whole system. In that case, our engineering department can provide reverse engineering based on your current engineering drawings.

Powered Roller Conveyor

GMB Heavy Industries has provided Roller Conveyors for the steel mill industry for different applications to the steel mills in North America since 1979. We design (redesign & reverse engineer), manufactured and installed roller conveyors for heavy and small loading & receiving, batch pickling lines with plate turn-up and turn-down equipment, and all other roller types conveyors used in the steel mill. We have been delivering our equipment and spare parts with the highest-quality materials at a competitive price to the steel mill sector for the past four decades.
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