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Entry Trough

Cooling Bed Entry Trough

Custom Designed Entry Trough – Engineered to Work With Your Existing Equipment

The Entry Trough is the start of the Cooling Bed in which hot rolled steel enters the Cooling Bed. GMB Heavy Industries develops custom engineered existing designs and manufacture Cooling Bed Entry Trough’s to work in conjunction with rolling mill machinery. We integrate superior technology, the latest software, and highly experienced Engineers in the steel mill industry to produce our equipment and spare parts. With over 40 years of experience, we are known to be the “Cooling Bed Specialists” in North America. Our custom-designed Entry Troughs have been used in many steel mills throughout the United States and Canada for decades.

Entry Trough Repair and Maintenance:

Our equipment is designed to last, Engineered to be robust with a focus on the ease of maintenance and repairs. GMB Heavy Industries provides Surveys and Inspections of your existing equipment offering a custom maintenance solution from experts in the steel mill industry which allows our customers to save on maintenance cost while minimizing their downtime.

Our engineering and manufacturing team provides reverse engineering of spare parts with OEM quality or better to maintain and repair your existing Entry Trough, and its components. Regular maintenance of the Entry Trough/ Run in Trough will ensure your equipment produces quality product for many years to come.

Cooling Bed Run-In & Entry Trough Replacement:

GMB Heavy Industries’ engineering team works in coordination with the mechanical & maintenance department of the steel mill to provide a custom turnkey solution. Replacement of the Entry Trough components are normally driven by the worn components, cost to maintain or the need to increase the mill speed and production. While other competitors provide off the shelf solutions, GMB provides a custom engineered solution specific to the customer, considering the need of the production and maintenance staff.

GMB engineers will provide you with a concept renderings of the new equipment. We will discuss the new technologies that are integrated within your re-engineered Entry Trough. Open discussions, ongoing meetings including all appropriate mill staff are coordinated to ensure that your input is carefully considered.

Cooling Bed Run-In Trough (Before Cooling Bed):

GMB Heavy Industries’ engineering team designs your custom Run-In Troughs based on the length of the existing unit. The Run-In Trough will be equipped with:

Run-In Trough

Entry Trough:

Feed Trough:

The area between the final mill Shear and the start of the Entry Trough is referred to as the “Feed Trough”. A Feed Trough is a basic conveyor that houses the Run-in Rolls but has no Break Slide Lift Aprons. The Feed Trough provides the required conuegor length to create separation (distance) between bars.

Installation of the Entry Trough:

GMB assumes complete responsibility for the installation of all Mechanical equipment. As is our standard policy, GMB will remain on-site following start-up to assist with commissioning.       Note:

Why GMB?

What makes our custom-designed Entry Trough different from our competitors in the steel mill industry is the ability to use our products in conjunction with your existing equipment. Our engineers work with Rolling Mill Managers and Steel Mill Maintenance Department to establish a custom solution to increase the productivity of the steel mill and decrease the maintenance costs and downtime of the rolling mill. In addition, our equipment is made with the highest quality of materials to ensure you receive a quality end-product, one that far outlasts our competition and decreases your overall maintenance cost.

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