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Aligning Rolls


A Long-Products Cooling Bed is an essential piece of equipment in every steel mill that produces a variety of different products in a varying lengths. A typical product range would be rebar, rounds, squares, angles, channels & flats. Our Aligning Rolls are being used in many steel mills throughout North America. GMB Heavy Industries has many variations of Aligning Roll designs, such as:
  • Single Drive multi-notch roll.
  • Individually driven single notch roll.
  • Combination roll that has driven and singles on the same shafts.


Our Cooling Beds include Aligning Roll designs that minimize over spinning of product on multi notch rolls. Overspinning causes scratches on the product, resulting in a decreased price/ton.

A Long-products Cooling Bed consists of different parts and Aligning Rolls are one of the critical sections. Aligning Rolls are positioned at the exit side of the Cooling Bed to align the nose of the bars for consistent product alignment entering the Shear.

These rolls are Chain-Driven by Gear Motors and position product up to the end stop. Perfectly aligned bars entering the Shear greatly increases the yield. This system prevents loss of tonnage due to miss-alignment of product going into the Shear or Saws.

GMB Heavy Industries offers turn-key solutions with our North American based in-house design, engineering, manufacturing and installation. If your current efficiencies are lower than industry standard, GMB can offer you a custom solution to improve your yield. We pride ourselves with being a leading supplier in the North American steel mill industry knowing that our custom-designed solutions are integrated throughout many steel mills.


If you require an improved Aligning Roll System, End Stop and Disappearing Stop, please send us details of your current mill operation procedures and allow us to provide you a custom solution to increase your yield. Our team will discuss all the options with your mill personnel before quoting any new additions to your current equipment and parts.

GMB Heavy Industries’ in-house engineering team provides optimized solutions working within your budget that will increase the capability of your equipment. Ultimately resulting in cost savings.

Our engineering team have designed numerous Aligning Roll Systems for several different types of Cooling Beds, incorporating End-Stops, Disappearing Stops and Hold Downs. In most applications, we are familiar with quality causes that are a result of your current poorly designed Aligning Rolls and End-Stops. We have solutions ready for your unique applications.


We welcome any projects related to steel mill equipment or parts, including custom-designing new equipment or redesigning/reverse engineering your current equipment or spare parts. We can support a diverse range of applications, and any production volumes. Our manufacturing team are able to produce parts to tight tolerances (+/- 0.0002), our customers never have to worry about the fit and functionality of our spare parts.

Mill customers can decide to order their Aligning Rolls with or without Chains, Sprockets and Bearing. After your first order, we are ready to quote additional Aligning Rolls for your spare parts inventory with a quick turn-around. We offer complimentary visits to all of the steel mills around North America to gain a better understanding of their current equipment and parts. After our onsite visit, we will inform the mill management and personnel which parts need to be replaced in order to increase your productivity and produce premium quality end-products.
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