Long Product Cooling Beds

A cooling bed consists of a drive system that cycles fixed and moving rakes. The rakes then “walk” the product across the cooling bed as it cools at a predetermined rate. The cooling rate is dependant on the required structure of the material. Each type of cooling bed needs an entry and exit solution to prevent damage to the product.

GMB Heavy Industries has long been recognized for its expertise in the production of quality long product cooling beds. Our original focus was to service the steel industry’s cooling beds. We achieved our goal by offering Engineering, Manufacturing and Installation Services. We offer both standard lines and custom designed equipment. Particular attention is paid to ensure that GMB’s equipment fits neatly into the available space, without interfering with existing machinery.

We design, build and install Walking Beam Cooling Beds, and in addition, we offer to service and supply spare parts for all types of cooling beds. Our Cooling Beds are the trusted choice of many steel producers in the industry.

Multiple plants around the world depend on GMB Heavy Industries’ expertise to upgrade their cooling beds. GMB offers design, manufacturing and installation of Cooling Beds along with their auxiliary equipment.

Over the past 40 years, GMB has supplied the components necessary for rolling mill’s Cooling Bed overhauls, upgrades, renovations and installations. Examples are:

steel mill cooling bed engineering design
  • Entry Trough
  • Grid Casting & Fixed Rake
  • Moving Rake Carriages
  • Eccentric Drive System
  • Aligning roll
  • Transfer & run-out conveyor
  • Scratch Free roll system

If you are considering ordering a new cooling bed for your facility; need a spare part for your existing cooling bed, or require maintenance, GMB can help. Over four decades we have built a reputation for supplying high quality long-lasting cooling beds and steel mill equipment incorporating the latest technology and materials.

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walking beam cooling bed

Walking Beam Cooling Bed:

A Walking Beam Cooling Bed is the most commonly used cooling bed in steel mills. These cooling beds consist of moving and stationery Rakes. These, lift, traverse and lower the long products several times across the bed, which allows all the bars to cool at a uniform rate. GMB will custom design, manufacture, and install the Walking Beam Cooling Bed in your facility. We will also supply individual components manufactured to our clients’ specifications, including Rakes, Castings and Fabrications.

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