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Long-Life Conveyor Rolls

Long-Life Conveyor Rolls

In the steel mill industry, conveyors are used for transporting product throughout the mill. Long-life conveyor rolls are made with special high quality materials to produce high quality product. In North America, Steel Mills that are required to produce high quality products, replace their conveyor rolls frequently during their scheduled downtime to avoid costly mistakes. Not having the necessary spare parts will increase plant downtime.

GMB Heavy industries designs, manufactures and installs Long-Life Conveyor rolls in the steel and metal industry. We specialize in building and supplying thin wall sleeves with high wear resistant cast iron to transport products. GMB Heavy Industries also employs different materials for different customer applications.

GMB Heavy Industries’ engineering team are able to custom design rolls for your Conveyor system with the finest quality at the most competitive price. Our professional team works with you to ensure they meet all the requirements for your unique application with creative custom solutions.

We custom design and build all long-life parts and equipment needed for any type of Conveyor Roll such as:

Our Conveyors Rolls and spare parts are customs designed to meet the demands of particular production processes and be capable of transporting extremely heavy materials at the high or low temperatures. We use the finest steel and special alloys to build our spare parts for Conveyors Rolls, however, our prices are always competitive, with quick delivery and installation.

GMB Heavy Industries provides complete services, steel mill equipment and spare parts for the steel mills and in addition to long-life conveyor rolls we have a wide range of products and services that such as steel forging, castings, chains and hydraulic nuts. Our steel mills’ conveyor rolls are made from the finest materials to increase its lifetime. We are able to do the installation with very short time-frame with a team of 4 to 60 installation experts.

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