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GMB Heavy Industries has started its journey 40 years ago when life and technology were simpler. As in life, we have to move forward or get left behind. Our engineers have accepted and embraced the challenge with an ever-evolving spectrum.

Whether you’re seeking full-scale equipment for your steel mill, require millwrighting services, or want to collaborate with our engineering department to materialize your concept, reach out to GMB Heavy Industries via the form below. Our comprehensive engineering solutions cater to all equipment needs within steel mills, extending beyond just cooling beds.

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Our Expertise

GMB Heavy Industries provides a one-stop shop for design, build, install and maintenance for all your production requirements.

From Concept to Installation – One-stop shop for your engineering needs

Specialized solutions & innovative products to reduce costs and maximize productivity

One-stop shop for spare parts and logistics to steel and iron industry.

Specializing in turn-key projects – safe and complete solutions

Trust GMB for Your Equipment Maintenance and repairs.

Stay ahead of your competition by modernizing and upgrading your plant


Our services will map the exact location of machinery by :

  • Establishing foundation layout
  • Machine footprint
  • Machine axis
  • Baseline and sole plate layout
  • Cooling Bed Survery / inspections

At GMB Heavy Industries, we are committed to employing cutting-edge technology to enhance the precision and reliability of our services. Utilizing the latest Leica Absolute Tracker AT500 laser tracker system, we ensure meticulous surveying and inspection of Cooling Beds within steel mills. This advanced system enables us to achieve unparalleled accuracy in measuring alignment, flatness, and overall geometry, ensuring optimal performance and safety standards are met. With the Leica AT500, we guarantee our clients in the steel industry top-notch quality assurance and efficient maintenance solutions for their Cooling Beds.

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Equipment Installation & Millwrighting

With over 40 years of expertise, GMB Heavy Industries is a trusted leader in millwrighting and equipment installation services for steel mills. Our skilled team specializes in the precise installation of custom equipment tailored to meet the unique needs of each facility. From comprehensive planning to meticulous execution, we ensure seamless integration and optimal performance of every component. Count on GMB Heavy Industries for reliable millwrighting solutions that exceed industry standards and deliver lasting results.

GMB Team Participated at AIST 2023

In 2023, GMB Heavy Industries proudly participated in the AIST exhibition held in Detroit, showcasing our latest innovations and advancements in the steel industry. Our presence at the event provided an invaluable opportunity to engage with industry leaders, share expertise, and demonstrate our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions. From state-of-the-art equipment to groundbreaking technologies, we highlighted our dedication to driving progress and excellence in the steel manufacturing sector.


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