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Interstands are used in the Rolling Mill process to transfer the materials between Mill Stands which are placed between the Roll Stands for proper rolling process.

GMB Heavy Industries is a custom designer, manufacturer and installer of Interstands in the rolling mill process. Our Interstands are made with premium quality raw materials and are designed for long-life, high productivity, and low maintenance costs.

Our engineering team will visit your plant to collect accurate data to design optimum Interstand for your steel plant. GMB Heavy Industries also provides spare parts for your existing Insterstand with OEM quality and competitive pricing. North American steel mills know GMB Heavy Industries as a custom manufacturer for steel mill equipment and we are always their first choice when it comes to high-quality custom equipment and manufacturing services. By choosing GMB, you have the advantage to receive your custom built equipment in a very short time frame to improve your productivity in the plant. We have designed, manufactured and installed different rolling mill equipment such as interstands, cooling bed, transfer systems and bundlers, etc. very quickly to exceed our customers’ expectation.

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