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GMB Installations & Millwrighting

Specializing in turn-key projects – safe and complete solutions

GMB Heavy Industries’ enviable reputation in the steel and metal industry is based, not only on our high quality steel mill equipment and services, but also on our Post Installation services. These services, coupled with our renown reliability, and warranty, make GMB your quality supplier. Whether you plan to revamp/modernize your existing equipment or install new equipment.
What separates GMB Heavy Industries, from most other companies in the industry, is our focus on turnkey projects. In turn, this focus has led to our continuous growth and success. Also, this concentration of our resources, offers you, as a valued customer, the comfort of dealing with only one supplier throughout your project. Consequently, you forego the frustration of having to deal with a number of different vendors and contractors. It is not difficult to imagine the annoyance of having to deal with different vendors for, site survey and analysis, engineering, design, fabrication, and installation.

Although we specialize in turn-key projects, we also offer maintenance and preventive maintenance outages to the steel and metal industry. We are capable of providing crews of 4 to 60 technicians, or even more. Our workforce of highly skilled tradespeople (20+ years’ experience with GMB) are direct GMB employees that have been trained and who continually upgrade their skills to perform the tasks at hand the GMB WAY, with confidence and pride in their workmanship.

GMB Heavy Industries Steel Mill Equipment Installation Services Include:

Basically, from the furnace to the finishing end, GMB Heavy Industries can handle all of your installation needs, spare parts and logistics. Our installation services are known to be above industry standards for quality and workmanship. This is a result of the culture developed at GMB, where our entire team takes pride and ensures values in every task performed. This pride is evident in everything we do, from intricate installations all the way through to cleanliness and housekeeping.
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