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Furnace Auxiliary Equipment

Furnace Auxiliary Equipment

Reheat furnaces are used in most of the long products steel mills across the world. It is very important that re-heat furnaces and furnace auxiliary equipment be maintained and equipped with the latest equipment to avoid high production costs. GMB Heavy Industries is ready to provide the best solutions for your steel mill reheat furnace and auxiliary equipment in North America, which will generate financial benefits for your steel plant and production.

At GMB Heavy Industries, we use the most advanced technology to design and manufacture reheat furnaces and auxiliary equipment along with spare parts for the steel and metal industries. GMB Heavy Industries will custom design, manufacture, and install:

Reheat Furnaces:

In steel plants reheat furnaces are used in hot rolling mills to reheat steel stock, such as “billets” to a higher temperature suitable for deformation of steel and rolling in the mill. GMB Heavy Industries is a North American steel mill service provider that offers equipment and spare parts for reheat furnaces. Our engineers work closely with your team to provide the best possible custom solution for your reheat furnaces, to offer a cost effective product of OEM quality or better.

While servicing and installing equipment for reheat furnaces, our first priority is the safety of the workforce. GMB Heavy Industries is committed to being an environmentally friendly company and accepts its responsibility to manage its business activity accordingly. To read our environmental policy, please click here.

Walking-beam furnace equipment

A walking beam furnace consists of a stationary beam and a movable beam. Movable beams carries the heated materials in a rectangular shape. They are designed to be used for handling materials such as billets.

GMB Heavy Industries is a custom design and manufacturer of walking beam furnace equipment. Our custom walking-beam furnace equipment is made to operate at different temperatures and is compatible with your existing equipment to ensure high production rates and high steel quality grade.

Our custom designed walking-beam furnace equipment can be used for various size billets with differing production rates. Our machines and steel mill equipment are made to last longer than any other product on the market with lower ongoing maintenance costs.

Charging Conveyor and End Stop

Charging Conveyor Systems help maintain production speed by quickly supplying the appropriate metals to the reheat furnace. GMB Heavy Industries designs, manufactures and installs charging conveyor systems for the reheat furnaces in steel mills.

If the charging conveyors for reheat furnaces stop working for any reason, it would result in stopping the whole process. GMB Heavy Industries also provides maintenance and repairs for your charging conveyor system to avoid any unexpected shutdowns.


A pusher is designed to carry heated materials from both the top and the bottom of the reheat furnace. GMB Heavy Industries specializes in providing cost saving and high-quality furnace auxiliary equipment and pushers to increase productivity with low maintenance costs. These pushers are used for reheat furnaces.

GMB Heavy Industries specializes in designing and building customizable solutions for furnace pushers that are for continuous production. Our custom designed pushers for reheat furnaces provide high efficiency and very low operating costs. If you are looking for furnaces auxiliary equipment spare parts of any other spare parts for your steel mill, GMB Heavy Industries can provide a world-class custom solution with a unique design to improve steel mills productivity.

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