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Entry Trough Custom Equipment

Bar Mill in the United States

At the end of October, GMB Heavy Industries successfully completed a five-day outage at a bar mill in the United States. The mill was designed with a pneumatically activated separating ledge in the entry trough. This type of drive was proving itself unreliable, as it was adversely affected by both the ambient temperature, and the temperature of the equipment. Consequently, it was impossible to achieve a consistent/repeatable cycle time of less than 0.9 seconds throughout the year for all products. The solution was to replace the pneumatically activated system with an electro-mechanical drive. This system produced a faster cycle time, and also increased reliability. All the equipment for the upgrade was supplied and installed by GMB Heavy industries.

GMB’s engineering team have designed, manufactured and installed Long-Products Cooling Beds and Entry Trough for North American steel mill industry in the past 40 years. If you need a custom equipment, engineering services, millwrighting or any other services for your steel mill (rolling mill), GMB Heavy Industries is ready to work with you through the process and provide exceptional services at an affordable prices.

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