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Steel Mill Engineering

From Concept to Creation – One-stop shop for your engineering needs

GMB Heavy Industries is proud to be among the highly respected companies in the metal and steel industries, that provides a wide range of steel mill engineering and design services. The key to our success is that we understand our customers’ needs, provide ongoing support to minimize capital expenditure, improve production performance, and provide the highest quality services for their investments.
Unlike other players in the market that offer engineering solutions to many industries, GMB Heavy Industries only provides services to the steel & metal industry. We are specialized and know to provide turn-key solutions for the steelmaking industry, as well as manufacturing OEM quality steel mill equipment and spare parts for the past four decades. GMB Heavy Industries highly qualified engineers always provide the most innovative solutions and steel mill engineering services.

Our Steel Mill Engineering Services include:


Our team of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical engineers has many years of experience in the metals industry and can provide a complete engineered package for any new equipment or modernization project. 3D CAD design software allows our engineers to accurately create 3D models of our designs and simulate their motion. Finite Element Analysis software is also utilized to solve complex stress and thermal analysis problems to ensure the structural integrity and performance of our equipment. We provide engineering studies to determine the feasibility and the best course of action to solve our customers’ unique problems.

At GMB Heavy Industries, we design, engineer, and manufacture a complete range of products that are designed to improve efficiency and help the steel industry overcome cost and productivity issues. We supply solutions for a number of areas within the steel mill.

GMB Heavy Industries’ dedication to quality, quick response time, cost-effective products, and unique solutions are just a few examples of what we offer to our customers. When it comes to engineering services for steel mills, our team will exceed your expectations with the best solution possible to your problem.

One of the advantages of GMB Heavy Industries is to be located in North America. We have dedicated teams that are ready to provide engineering services to the steel mills in the United States and Canada. Our engineering team is ready to respond to your need in the shortest possible time frame. No matter how small or large your project, we will be using our own engineering and installation team to complete your project on time.

Frequently, our customers are surprised at how fast we identify the problem with their steel mills. Our customers believe that GMB Heavy Industries always provides the best solution for problems within the mill, offer the most innovative custom solution for their equipment which is both cheaper than the competition with better quality and faster delivery.

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