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Drop in Sheet Pile Bridge Installed


Large Section Mill in Texas

GMB Heavy Industries recently designed, manufactured, and delivered, two custom designed Drop in Sheet Pile Bridge/Knockdowns for a Large Section Mill in Texas at the end of October, 2018. The employment of the bridges was necessary in order for the mill to more efficiently run channel products, without cobbling. While similar, the two items were designed differently to accommodate differences in the distance between their respective interstands, and also differences in height clearances, and side guides.

The complete package consisted of a one-piece Knockdown, that replaced the existing individual interstand knockdowns, new drop-in Side Guides, to fill the gap between Interstands, and redesigned interstand Side Guides to accommodate the new drop-in Side Guides. There were no necessary changes to the existing Lower Table. This custom designed equipment was necessary to facilitate the production of Sheet Piles and Channel products.
Although GMB usually installs its own equipment, in this instance the customer elected to use their own personnel for the job. However, a GMB supplied supervisor was on hand to ensure correct installation and proper operation of the equipment at start-up.

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