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Custom equipment

Custom equipment

At GMB Heavy Industries, we use our technological experience, coupled with innovative solutions to design, develop and manufacture various components and steel mill custom equipment for steel plants and metal industry companies. No matter how small or large our clients’ projects is, we provide complete turn-key solutions to them worldwide.

Custom equipment is made specifically for steel mills to improve productivity and speed up the rolling process. After visiting the mill or speaking with the steel mill’s technicians and management team, GMB’s engineering team will provide a custom solution. One of our strengths is to provide a solution that will save time and money with solutions that are unique and designed for your rolling mill.

GMB Heavy Industries has four decades of experience in producing high precision components such as:

Our engineers have many years of experience in the steel making industry that enables them to provide the best turn-key solution for your project. GMB Heavy Industries has been manufacturing and installing key components for many plants in North America and all around the globe.

GMB Heavy Industries has over 40 years of experience in producing steel mill equipment and servicing steel plants to provide turn-key solutions that solves issues while the plant is running. We always work within your budget to design, manufacture and install our custom equipment. GMB produces its equipment with cutting-edge technology, using the finest quality materials, with very competitive pricing to meet your requirements.

Our engineering team has custom-designed dozens of equipment for the steel mill industry in North America. In early 2020, we have designed a completely new Mill Stand Base for one of our clients in Texas, United States. In this project, we have improved the structural rigidity of the existing Mill Stand Base. Read more about our custom-designed Mill Stand Base

While you explore our parts section on our website, it’s clear that we have no limit in producing custom equipment and parts for the steel mill industry. Please contact our engineers about your specific application and we promise that our engineering team will provide the most innovative solutions with the most competitive price for you

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