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We are a supplier to the steel industry of KETTENWULF CHAIN in North America

GMB Heavy Industries is a custom designer and installer of a wide variety of steel products such as chains and attachments, sleeve bearings, sprockets and other equipment for the steel industry. Our custom designed chains are built based on our customers’ specific applications to perform at levels other roller chains cannot match.

GMB Heavy Industries provides parts and products that are manufactured by Kettenwulf Chain one of the leading producers of chains in Germany. Kettenwulf supplies its chains and sprockets to many of the Long Products steel mills in North America. Our Company Supplies Kettenwulf products to the steel industry to fulfill their spare parts requirements.

Kettenwulf Chains are available through GMB’s warehouse located in North America. It is worth noting that some of our customers have already replaced their existing chain with Kettenwulf, and are reaping the benefits of increased longevity, coupled with decreased equipment downtime. Also, the price points of Kettenwulf Chain products are set at extremely competitive levels.

GMB Heavy Industries uses a premium quality supplier to produce Roller Chains for the steel industry. Our Roller Chains provide better performance, lower maintenance costs, and higher productivity with competitive pricing and short lead-time. GMB’s experts will work with your engineering team to find creative solutions for your unique application and will make sure that our roller chains satisfy all of your needs.

Kettenwulf Chain for Steel Mill

Some of our custom designed chain applications include:

At GMB Heavy Industries, you can obtain anything you need from one place. We offer everything you need for the steel mills from designing parts or products, reverse engineering machinery/parts for steel mills, upgrades and modernization, manufacturing custom products and installing parts and equipment in your facility, with a short lead time from North America.

If you need Roller Chains’ spare parts, or are facing any issues with your current Chains, our engineers can provide the most reliable solutions to creatively design and manufacture the parts you need. We manufacture and reverse engineer Roller Chain spare parts to OEM quality, quick lead-time, and competitive pricing.

Four decades of experience have proved that GMB Heavy Industries’ products and parts such as these chains, Hydraulic nuts and other equipment can last for decades with very low maintenance costs. If you require a chain of the highest quality, peak performance and productivity at a competitive price, make sure to contact our engineers now!

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