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Cartridge Roll Assemblies

GMB Heavy Industries uses the latest technology to upgrade and modernize steel mills. In February 2019, we supplied these Cartridge Roll Assemblies, with high temperature bearings, for the entry trough before the Cooling Bed, to one of the largest steel mills in Nebraska, NE.

Based on the customer’s requirements, our custom built Entry Troughs and Cooling Beds are equipped with Cartridge Roll Assemblies. These rolls permit quick product changing on the entry trough before the Cooling Bed.

Advantages of using cartridge type rolls:

  1. Quick replacement
  2. Ease of maintenance
  3. Cost-effective
  4. Better quality end-product

GMB Heavy Industries designed, manufactured and installed the complete Cooling Bed for this steel mill back in 2014. We are just a phone call away from our customers when they need spare parts and engineering services. Quick turn-around is one of our main advantages over other players in the steel mill industry.

The GMB team can supply any spare parts and rolling mill equipment that are custom made and designed to work with your current equipment. If you are a new customer and you have the engineering drawings of your Cartridge Roll Assemblies, we will manufacture them at competitive pricing and better than OEM quality.

Our regular customers always email us with their required quantity spare parts, and since we keep a record of their drawings in our system, we will ship them the spare parts within a few weeks. Our team always provides a custom solution that solves your problem and fits your budget. GMB Heavy Industries also provides exceptional customer service to make the ordering process very smooth. When we keep a record of our customer’s drawings and information, all they have to do is either share their idea about new custom equipment they would like us to build, or the quantity of their required spare parts. GMB will take care of the rest!

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