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GMB Heavy Industries Announcement

Entry Trough for Steel Mill

GMB Heavy Industries has recently and successfully completed the Engineering, Manufacture and Installation of the Feed, Entry, and Run-in Troughs at a steel mill in

Entry Trough
GMB Heavy Industries Announcement

Steel Mill Engineering

Are you looking for a steel mill engineering services from a reliable partner in North America? One of the challenges for the steel mill industry

GMB Heavy Industries Announcement

Spare Parts for Steel Industry During COVID-19

GMB Heavy Industry has extensive knowledge and experience in manufacturing spare parts for the rolling & steel mill industry in the North America. We supply

GMB Heavy Industries Announcement

Reject Cart (Scrap Cart)

GMB Heavy Industry has a long history of designing, manufacturing and installing custom designed equipment for the North American steel manufacturing industry. Our engineering team

GMB Heavy Industries Announcement

Mill Stand Base for Rolling Mills

Our engineers at GMB Heavy Industries have designed, engineered and manufactured a 20,500 lbs base for a Mill Stand to be installed in a steel

GMB Heavy Industries Announcement

Cooling Bed Carriages Replacement

GMB Heavy Industries has recently completed the first phase of a Cooling Bed carriages repair and equipment replacement in one of the largest and major

GMB Heavy Industries Announcement

Steel Rolling Mill Machinery

Rolling Mill Machinery for steel mills There are so many challenges in rolling mills industry and steel producers. One of the most critical challenges is

GMB Heavy Industries Announcement

Split Eccentrics

GMB Heavy Industries has successfully completed the Phase 2 of replacing Billet Bed’s Eccentric to Split Eccentrics for a steel mill in Arkansas. Our engineering

GMB Heavy Industries Announcement

Fixed Rakes & Aligning Rolls Supply

GMB Heavy Industries custom designs, manufactures and installs equipment used in the rolling mill and the steel mill industries. While our original focus was to

GMB Heavy Industries Announcement

GMB Heavy Industries in AISTech Exhibition 2019

GMB Heavy Industries will attend AISTech 2019 exhibition in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. For the second time, our company will attend the AIST show in Pennsylvania.

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